NBA Playoff Predictions

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the regular season concluding and the debate around Coach of the Year and other awards heating up, your boy at #boxand1 will be providing our yearly NBA playoff prediction. Note that I didn’t mention any debate around MVP, as D. Rose had it locked it up for about 6 weeks. Without further ado, #boxand1 brings you our 2011 NBA Playoff predictions:

Eastern Conference

Round 1

Bulls – Pacers: Bulls in 5

Magic – Hawks: Magic in 4

Knicks – Celtics: Celtics in 6 (I hate to say it, but NY doesn’t match up well with Boston, at all..Miami would’ve been a better first round draw)

Heat – 76ers: Heat in 4

Round 2

Bulls – Magic: Bulls in 6

Heat – Celtics: Heat in 7

Eastern Conference Finals

Bulls – Heat: Heat in 6

Western Conference

Spurs – Grizzlies: Spurs in 6

Nuggets – Thunder: Thunder in 6

Lakers – Hornets: Lakers in 5

Blazers – Mavericks: Blazers in 7

Round 2

Spurs – Thunder: Thunder in 7

Lakers – Blazers: Lakers in 6

Western Conference Finals

Thunder – Lakers: Lakers in 7

NBA Finals

Lakers – Heat: Lakers in 6

I wish WordPress would’ve allowed me to create a nice infographic or at least some brackets but alas, I digress. Don’t sleep on the Lakers, as running off 17 of 18 games when they were healthy and focused should scare the rest of the league into submission. I feel strongly that Kobe Bryant was in full-blown “Celtics” mode this entire year, basically playing the status quo during the regular season and keeping his body fresh for the playoffs. Phil Jackson kept him at 33 minutes per game and Kobe averaged a pedestrian (for Kobe) 25 ppg this year, as regular season numbers and stat padding no longer matters for #24. The Heat can truly turn it up when need be, but their lack of size spells doom against a lineup that features three 6’11”-7 footers in Bynum, Gasol and Odom. This will conclude, in the words of literary genius Bill Simmons, the best regular season ever. Get your popcorn ready, and let the Kobe/Jordan debate kick off once again after KB24 locks down his 6th NBA Championship. Repeat three-peat, FTW.


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