More Superman, Less Clark Kent

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

There’s been a massive injustice in the NBA this season, a 7-foot tall, 265-pound injustice. Despite the mass appeal and league-wide acclaim Magic center Dwight Howard receives, his game seems under-appreciated and uncelebrated, for lack of a better term.

Dwight just locked up his third straight Defensive Player of the Year trophy, becoming the only player in NBA history to win the award 3 years in a row and second only to Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace (who won the DPOY 4x). I forgot to mention this fun fact: he’s only 25 years old.

Superman 2.0 just put together one of the greatest seasons ever by an NBA center. With a better team (and if D. Rose was still walking the hallways at U. of Memphis), Dwight could have arguably won the league’s MVP award, the Defensive Player of the Year and, hear me out, Most Improved Player. With the help of Hakeem the Dream and Patrick Ewing (nice mentors, eh?), Dwight’s offensive game is becoming down right ridiculous and his 22.9 points per game were a career high. Unfortunately, he suffers from Shaq-itis and can’t knock down free throws or we might be looking at a rockstar center averaging 28 ppg, 15 boards and 3 blocks. Bill Simmons made a great observation recently, saying “once Dwight Howard stops thinking it’s cool to swat the ball out of bounds” he would cement himself as one of the game’s elite. I haven’t seen another player step up their offensive prowess more significantly than DH12, and his low-post arsenal continues to develop and flourish (i.e. his 46 point, 19 rebound effort in Game 1 where he dropped 31 in the first half, albeit a loss). Which is a great segue to:

As a Knicks fan (though an “unbiased, objective online journalist”), I feel strongly that the Orlando Magic front office has failed to surround Dwight with elite role players as they continue to live and die by the three, see “Game 1”. I get the sense that he’ll test free agency and ultimately leave for the West Coast in 2012 (to the delight of Mr. Stoudemire). The Magic are a superior rebounding and defensive team with Dwight Howard, without him their defense is more porous than J-Woww in a WWE Locker Room. I’d personally love to see Dwight hook up with Kobe Bryant out in LA on the big stage in Tinseltown. I think the yellow/purple will suit Superman well.

I’ll wrap it up by sharing Dwight’s Top Ten Plays of the 2011 Season, brought to you by #boxand1. Enjoy, and show some love to the most dominant center we’ve seen in years.


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