I be the 7, 21, 18, 21

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Your friends over at #boxand1 usually provide an analysis on all things sports with a special emphasis on the NBA. Today, we’re paying homage to, IMHO, one of the most talented artists the world has ever seen. It’s been one year since Guru, one half of Gangstarr, died at the age of 48. A big #boxand1 shoutout and thank you to Guru, and in his memory we’re giving you our top three lines and a link to our favorite track:

3) “Your fame has gotten larger than your life
You’ve got a harem of b*tches and killer n*ggaz that’s hype
They got your back, but you so fly you don’t need em
You shit what you’re eatin so you don’t peep the proceedings
They start schemeing, feeling that you’re too swollen
and that’s the reason why your cash and stash gets stolen
You start perspiring, because you’re paranoid
Still another confrontation that you couldn’t avoid
Prepare for drama, as if you were a stunt man
Back in the days you was a forty and a blunt man
Today you’re a Willie, now the weather’s too chilly
New York City ain’t the place to be frontin”

2) “Sometimes you gotta dig deep, when problems come near
Don’t fear things get severe for everybody everywhere
Why do bad things happen, to good people?
Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil
The situation that I’m facin, is mad amazin
To think such problems can arise from minor confrontations
Now I’m contemplatin in my bedroom pacin
Dark clouds over my head, my heart’s racin
Suicide? nah, I’m not a foolish guy
Don’t even feel like drinking, or even gettin high
Cause all that’s gonna do really, is accelerate
The anxieties that I wish I could alleviate
But wait, I’ve been through a whole lot of other shit, before
So I oughta be able, to withstand some more”

1) “I reign as the articulator, with the greater data”


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