For #boxand1‘s first official “Succinct Ramblings & Reviews” I’ll share, in the words of ESPN’s Jim Rome, “what’s burning lately” and what’s circulating through my dome focused on the world of sports.

SR&R #1: The Knicks absolutely play to the level of their opponent, each and every night. It’s an incredibly self-destructive way to ball, i.e. taking Miami down to the wire and beating them in a classic matchup, then losing to Cleveland (3x), Indiana (2x) and <<gasp>> Detroit, among others. When Maryland’s Chris Wilcox looks like David Robinson and Tyler Hansbrough looks like, well, the former TH of the Tar Heels, changes are necessary.

SR&R #2: The top five nicknames in the NBA:

  • Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics – The Truth
  • Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers – The Black Mamba
  • Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics – The Big Ticket
  • Andrei Kirilenko, Utah Jazz – AK-47
  • Landy Fields, New York Knicks – Precocious Neophyte

After dropping the ‘neophyte’ literary gem, the scoreboard is officially set:

Walt Clyde 1, Noah Webster 0

Honorable Mentions (retired/banned to Turkey):

  • Dan Majerle, Phoenix Suns – Thunder Dan
  • Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers – The Answer
  • David Robinson, San Antonio Spurs – The Admiral


I was just watching a recap of the 2010 NBA Finals on NBATV, and it reminded me of Kobe’s 81 point game. Has there ever been a player who can fill it up like #8, err #24? I remember when the NBA reacted to his masterful night, and players were on their respective team buses saying, “Kobe has 60-something early in the 4th quarter!” Respect the man, I still think he’s the best player in the NBA until someone literally takes it from him. #Boxand1 is proud to give you the 81-point game, in 3 minutes:

Here’s what’s on the dome lately, heavy-basketball/Knicks focus and one ridiculous bicycle kick from a certain Englishman from Man U:

1) The Knicks are starting to blow teams out and lead by double digits in just about every game lately. While they’ve had two terrible loses to the Cavs, they’re starting to gel since the Melo trade and find themselves (most often early in games) up double digits.

2) I’ve been saying it all season, don’t sleep on the Lakers. Everyone is shocked with their ‘subpar’ performance and inefficiency all year, but just ask yourself one question, “Which team wants to see them in the playoffs?”

3) FYI, Carmelo Anthony is absolutely ripping apart the Jazz as I write this post, and I made it the 3rd post as he’s raining 3’s in MSG at the moment.

4) You can tell the difference between ‘new’ Knick fans and those of us who have sweated through 10 awful seasons. They’re distinguishable by their comments over Walt Clyde’s tiger-striped suit jacket the Hall of Famer wore during the Knicks/Heat broadcast a week back. True Knick fans know it’s just Clyde bein’ Clyde.

5) Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick goal to put Manchester United ahead of Manchester City with about 10 minutes left was, perhaps, the best goal I’ve ever seen – skip to :25.

6) Watching Derrick Rose eat up the Heat yesterday was a real pleasure, like a young, humble Allen Iverson with better hops.

7) Is CP3 past his prime? Should the Knicks even consider looking his way in 2012? With Deron Williams moving across the GW Bridge and becoming acclimated to the city life, would he forego being the face of the Brooklyn Nets and join Amare/Melo in NYC? If Toney Douglas keeps playing at this level, does it even matter?

Knicks/Heat – Renewal Welcome

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The Heat stacked up this offseason, and the emergence of the Knicks as well as rumblings that they might land Melo, CP3 or both could set off and renew one of the best rivalries I’ve ever seen in sports. I found this hidden gem on YouTube, showing you young’n’s just how raw Knicks vs. Heat games were in the ’90’s. Enjoy –

This year’s showdown between the Packers and Steelers was the first Super Bowl I paid little to no attention to the story-lines surrounding the game and, more importantly, the game itself. The reason this concerns me is despite my workload and other factors deterring me from following the incessant Super Bowl coverage is the sheer fact that these were two solid teams with a ton of talent and great history. My buddies and I had a huge Super Bowl party, with about 20 people in attendance, which may have caused me to shoutout after a 4th quarter rush by James Starks, “wow, that’s the first play I really watched so far.” That being said, I still blame my minimal interest on a number of factors listed below.

The game ended in a nailbiter (and a sweet payout for hitting my boxes of “1” and “5”), but this year’s big game in Dallas was truly the day the Super Bowl died. Here’s why:

Hoopla and commercial aura around the Super Bowl has completely drowned out the fact that there are two great teams fighting for the Lombardi Trophy. The game is now an afterthought, an add-on, a mere bullet point in an otherwise commercial weekend of sponsorships and celebrity schmoozing.

The NFC/AFC Championship is the last true weekend of competitive football. The Pro Bowl is a joke, even I could run for 30-40 yards with the lackluster tackling and interest from players, and the Super Bowl is now too big for the Super Bowl.

True football fans discussed the matchup and potential schemes for the Pack and Steelers, fair-weather football fans and ESPN analysts INCESSANTLY discussed Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews’ hair.

The National Anthem died, staked to death by Ms. Aguilera and taking the focus even further away from the matchup and X’s and O’s we love about regular season football.

Half-time shows during the regular season involve a pee-wee football faceoff or an attention grabbing and QUICK activation by a local talent. The Super Bowl halftime show was atrocious (besides Slash coming from underground) and the attempted recreation of the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies had NOTHING to do with the NFL or the game. It wasn’t entertainment, it was pathetic.

Commercial advertising has destroyed the game and made it unwatchable. There was more discussion around the actual commercials than a high-level analysis of offensive and defensive schemes. Not to mention that I’m sick of the freakin’ E-Trade baby (shouldn’t he be like 9 years old now?).

So, where were you the day the Super Bowl died?

NYC Barstool Sports, home of some of the most interesting content and all around hysterically savvy writing on the web, featured a spot-on analysis of the Knicks after their emotional win over MIA last night. Basically, Barstool stresses that with the Jets and Giants out of the playoffs and pitchers and catchers reporting in a few weeks, the Knickerbockers have the chance to take NYC by storm. My top five favorite quotes from the article, “Break Up The Knicks!! Break Up The Knicks!!”:

1) “Garden was popping OFF last night. And I mean the REAL Garden, not that dump up in Sh!t Town, USA Boston.”

2) “When the Knicks are playing well, the whole city watches. The fans are proud to be fans again. The celebs come out. Spike Lee turns into the f*cking man.”

3) “Right now is a prime opportunity for the Knicks to take over this city.”

4) “The Knicks are not only back on the map, but they’re slowly moving back toward the center of the NBA universe. Just the way the good lord intended it.”

5) “P.S. If Landry Fields had thrown that dunk down on Amare’s missed free throw I legit would’ve came in my pants.” (Hey, he said it, we all thought it, don’t kill the messenger)

For the full article, click here –

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