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Peyton Manning is an architect, a precision assassin, a true professional who will one day be enshrined in Canton. That said, he will go down in history as a massive underachiever in the playoffs when it truly matters most. While he had yet another MVP-caliber season, this time in a new city with a new team, he threw a heart-breakingly crucial pick in overtime as the Ravens soared to the AFC Championship. At this point in his career, he should have at least 5 Super Bowl appearances but on his impressive resume stands just one ring. How many times has he led a #1 team to only underachieve? We took it for granted all those years, when the Colts sat their starters in weeks 16-17, it was almost expected. Additonally, his play in that victory over the (Rex Grossman-led, yikes) Bears was average and he has never displayed true dominance in the playoffs. In comparison, Rodgers, Montana, Brady, Young, Brees, etc have led their respective teams to glory with their dominance. I would’ve LOVED to see Brady v. Manning, again, but Peyton walks off the frigid Denver field hanging his head as we begin to question the strength of his legacy.

At the end of the day he may be the greatest football mind and artist the QB position has ever seen, but will forever be an underachiever from my perspective.